One step closer to an acceptable fashion world?


The fashion industry has lately witnessed tremendous altercations as the societal view of what is ‘in’ diversified. People have become more and more accepting of individual preferences and are gravitating towards a more gender-neutral lifestyle. A safe and supportive space for people who prefer a style beyond the norms or never fit into the social beliefs has found a haven with this revolution.

What changed?

Humankind has slowly turned more accepting of authenticity and individuality. The change has given birth to several ‘Why’s?’ of society questioning the sexist norms and taboos. The fashion industry has adapted to the drastic changes and has renovated its dynamics too. Since it is considered a way of self-expression, this new space has become more welcoming for persons of all gender and preferences.

As the upgrades flourished, people started loving the possibility of having more options for their wardrobes and the thrill of a new experience. The hunt for comfort with the trend has made all the difference.

In what ways have people experimented?

This fashion evolution has normalized gender-neutral clothing, or more like gender-fluid clothing. Men have created trends by wearing colours and feminine prints. Pretty flared skirts, sarees, heels, sarees, and jewellery for men are back to being chic.

Women have also started preferring more comfort-oriented trends. Unfortunately for men, women had long since started wearing trousers, shirts, and suits.


This gender fluidity has incorporated a judgement-free habitat for queer persons and made this evolution a social reformation towards respecting individuality and personal choices.

The effect created by this evolution on the society

The impact of the acceptance of this eccentric and eclectic individuality is phenomenal. An accepting environment where people can be themselves and will not be inferred as outcasts have eased many people’s anxiety and their fear of being authentic which previously led to them self-isolating. An open-minded society will lead to healthier minds. Hence, breaking the barriers of gender has made it easier

for people to express themselves and be accepted without a second thought.

Hence, this generation will be shaped to accept everyone for what they are. This generation will not have a hard time with people’s queerness or mere matter of choice.


We as a society should be ready to change and adapt as per people around us so that they feel included. The fashion world has already begun changing and revamping to accommodate everyone and cater to everyone’s needs, giving hope for a more accepting atmosphere. It is time to learn these values and start being more open-minded and kinder towards the world outside.

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